Monika Žáková

The methodical compositions of Monika Žáková deconstruct the conventional ways of visual and perceptional information. Her elegant painting is motivated […]

Daniel Vlček

Daniel Vlček’s Hauntological Practice by Emily McDermott “Not seeing anything intelligible is the new normal,” Hito Steyerl writes in “A Sea […]

Aleksandra Vajd

Aleksandra Vajd’s artistic practice explores the photographic medium while challenging its boundaries. The artist works with the image as if […]

Pavla Sceranková

Pavla Sceranková has introduced a new artistic language and expression in the field of sculptural and object art; a new concept to […]

Jan Nálevka

The term of “emptiness“ is fascinating already for the number of diverse and frequently incompatible circumstances under which it is […]

Václav Kopecký

Václav Kopecký continuously approaches photography not only as a tool of reflection of reality but also as a physical object that fills […]

Barbora Kleinhamplová

Conceptual and multimedia artist Barbora Kleinhamplová employs a performative dimension in her work which is closely related to the aspects of […]

Hynek Alt & Aleksandra Vajd

The Holes in the Palms of Hynek Alt and Aleksandra Vajd Czech Hynek Alt and Slovenian Aleksandra Vajd demonstrate both […]

Hynek Alt

Shifting between photography, video, object and installation, he is concerned with forms of perception of the human in the current […]