Lucie Drdova Gallery is a Prague-based contemporary art gallery with a strong conceptual portfolio and a distinctive curatorial approach to open up dialogue between local artists and the international scene.

Series of 25 events
Concept Martin Mazanec

Dreams That Money Can Buy is a series of 25 events held every day after dark. The selection focuses on moving images made between 2014 and the present. Rather than introducing the works in a thematic context, our aim was to collect them in the Czech environment. In many ways, Dreams That Money Can Buy continues the way in which the moving images have been mapped by the Other Visions section of the Festival of Film Animation in Olomouc for ten years. Instead of directly confronting selected works by exhibiting them or presenting them at a screening hall, each work will be introduced separately during one of 25 days.
The title of the series is borrowed from Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947), a film made in American exile by German artist Hans Richter. The work is sometimes seen as an imaginary end of the classic (first) avant-garde. Other artists who collaborated on the film include John Cage, Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Fernand Léger and Man Ray. Their approach to the moving image in the film is illustrative of the still relevant distinction between a free creative use of image recording material and, on the contrary, a refinement of the projection format and thus the whole work as part of cinema.
16.3. Martin Blažíček, Signály/ Signals, 14:30 min, 2014
17.3. Ivan Svoboda, Tourist on The Shore of the Water Reservoir, 6:23 min, 2014
18.3. Veronika Vlková & Jan Šrámek, Ztrácení/ Vanishing, smyčka/ loop, 2015
19.3. Marie Hájková & Petr Šprincl, Blue Box, 20 min, 2014
20.3. Pavel Ryška, Přežitky, 4:23, 4:07, 2:31 min, 2014
21.3. Kristýna Nytrová, Jon Rafman is a 16 year old girl, 5:34 min, 2016
22.3. David Přílučík, En plein air 2, 237 min, 2015
23.3. Laura Victoria Delgado, Herbarium, 6 min, 2014 
24.3. Martin Zvěřina, Pillars, smyčka, instalace/ loop, installation, 2016
25.3. Matěj Smetana, Divadlo 1/ Theatre 1, 23 min, 2015
26.3. Alex Morálesová, Blau Peru 1979-1980, živý film/ still movie, 45 min, 2015
27.3. Dominik Gajarský, White Rhino, smyčka 16 mm/ loop 16 mm, 2015
28.3. Martin Kohout, Designed Encounters, smyčka/ loop, 2015
29.3. Zuzana Žabková, Snake on the Footpath, 4:49 min, 2016
30.3. Martin Hrubý, Resort, 26 min, video, 2014
1.4. Martina Holá, La Photo du colonel, 4:00 min, 2015
2.4. Katarína Hládeková, Ano, ano. Ne, ne./ Yes, yes. No, no., smyčka/ loop, 2016
3.4. Matěj Al-Ali, Denní práce/ Dailies, 11:46 min, 2015
4.4. Barbora Kleinhamplová & Zbyněk Baladrán
5.4. Miroslava Večeřová & Pavel Příkazský, Inner Monologue, smyčka/ loop, 2016
6.4. Lucie Rosenfeldová, Polymind, 8:05 min, 2016
7.4. Petr Krátký & Viktor Takáč, Horizont událostí, 169 imn, performance, 2016
8.4. František Týmal, Návrat dinosaurů, 70 mm, 10-18 min, 2015
9.4. Roman Štětina, Adorama, smyčka/loop, 2016
10.4. Anna Slama & Marek Delong, inequality, smyčka/ loop, 2016

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