Lucie Drdova Gallery is a Prague-based contemporary art gallery with a strong conceptual portfolio and a distinctive curatorial approach to open up dialogue between local artists and the international scene.


Lucie Drdova Gallery

Lucie Drdova Gallery ranks among the most prestigious contemporary art galleries in the Czech Republic with regular activities in Europe. Its long-term goals include the support of art, production of new artworks, mediation of contemporary art, education in the field of artistic practice, and navigation on the art market and in the field of investments. Lucie Drdova Gallery strives to promote local artistic positions in international context and continuously creates activities and initiates collaborations interconnecting artistic practice with contemporary criticism and art professionals. Despite its profile of a private gallery, LDG’s primary ambition is to support quality artworks; which also happens outside the gallery, often during demanding international exhibition projects.

In its exhibition program, LDG prefers conceptual positions with critical connotations to contemporary society and its socio/political/economic conditions. The ambition of the exhibition concepts is to inspire the critical thinking of the viewers. Secondly, LDG focuses on strongly minimalist, reductive and abstract works; which, however, carry various interpretation levels of diverse content.

Besides supporting its artists, LDG regularly invites international artists and curators active in the European space whose practice is based on similar starting points.

For several years, LDG has developed its activities in the art metropolis of Brussels; in September 2018, the gallery presented its own exhibition space there. In the past years, LDG participated in the leading art fair Art Brussels (2015, 2017, 2018, 2019) and in the art fair with a focus on drawing Art on Paper (2016), always presenting the latest young positions on the contemporary Czech art scene. The gallery also organized an exhibition of contemporary Czech and Slovak photography at the photography biennial Summer of Photography (2016).

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