Lucie Drdova Gallery is a Prague-based contemporary art gallery with a strong conceptual portfolio and a distinctive curatorial approach to open up dialogue between local artists and the international scene.

Jan Nálevka

The term of “emptiness“ is fascinating already for the number of diverse and frequently incompatible circumstances under which it is used. Jan Nálevka may be emptying a space of meaning, for instance by drawing empty lines across the pages of a book on modern art and thus preparing its interpretation for a later rewriting. 
Another time he may add nothing to “nothing”, for instance by drawing square nets on empty sheets of paper which can be understood as just another possible form of a surface without a record. There is emptiness in missing, too; for instance when Nálevka focuses on unfulfilled modernist utopias. If we consider the creative act to be an original expression of the human individual, we will miss it in the mechanical fulfilment of transpersonal rules. The hard work that is an opposite of a “fulfilling” work, too, is seen as empty. Last but not least, geometry that has no signature style and tells of nothing is considered empty as well.
Jan Nálevka addresses various aspects of human life in the world of today. His artistic projects are actually multi-layered, with many overlapping semantic and contextual sets. However, he sees to it that at least some of these intersections are empty in a way.