Lucie Drdova Gallery is a Prague-based contemporary art gallery with a strong conceptual portfolio and a distinctive curatorial approach to open up dialogue between local artists and the international scene.


Hynek Alt, Julie Béna, Cheva, Romana Drdová, Josef Ledvina, Richard Janeček, Václav Janoščík, Jakub Jansa, Karolína Juříková, Lukáš Likavčan, Kateřina Meinerová, Michal Novotný, Tadeáš Podracký, Marvan Shamma, Iveta Schovancová, Until further notice, Daniel Vlček, Martin Zet.

The Still exhibition presents the testimonies and possible utopian concepts formed on the backdrop of the global situation caused by the corona virus epidemic. The experience of collapse brought a new dimension to our existence. A great many questions have emerged, and the answers and their reflection will co-define the future. Never have we seen how little we know with such clarity and urgency, and never have we been so aware of the necessity to live and act in the conditions of uncertainty.

Artists and experts need to be ready to accept this uncertainty, embrace a certain degree of instability, and be able to reformulate their ideas. Both individuals and institutions need to make better use of their public profile and influence in the midst of such or a similar crisis. Small and meaningful gestures and giving up an empty rhetoric are the first prerequisites for a necessary and critical reflection.

The current exhibition, featuring a diverse group of artists, theorists and other professionals, does not judge or predict. Rather, it opens a debate on the future questions and direction in the light of the presented reflections from the past months and the awareness of essential values and knowledge.

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