Lucie Drdova Gallery is a Prague-based contemporary art gallery with a strong conceptual portfolio and a distinctive curatorial approach to open up dialogue between local artists and the international scene.

Aleksandra Vajd

Welcome drink

A glass filled with an ordinary and well-known liquid without any taste, with micro-film on the surface, made from a visually almost unnoticeable substance, with a distinguished taste. After the first sip, the upper lip gets covered with a slightly flavored silky micro-film of this substance, creating an unusual sensual experience, remaining there all the time while drinking the otherwise ordinary and tasteless liquid.


A single piece of a small, round-shaped, jelly-like, lightly green substance, sitting on a wide ceramic spoon. On top a few drops of a crystal–like substance. A meal one has never seen before; only to discover after the first bite that it’s a very familiar taste, one just can’t figure out where from. A silky, semi-hard surface, smooth and creamy on the “inside“ – yes, it’s a variation on one famous meal. Although here both the surface and the “filling“ are made from a single substance. The content contains itself!

Main two courses

1. A medium amount of a flavored and frozen sand-like substance in a deep plate. Next to it is a hot, flavored liquid. When one pours the hot liquid onto the frozen substance, it is surprisingly not melting nor disintegrating. While eating, one can experience an unusual variety of textures and flavors in combination with a playful heat quality – cold complements hot at the same time.

2. An ordinary and commonly used product structurally disguised as another, completely different, rare and expensive product, with well-known taste and structural quality. The element of surprise is the key experience; at first glance one expects a familiar structure that should match the familiar taste, but after tasting the very first bite, one realizes the trick. The unique structural quality remains; only the content is completely changed for a product that we know from a more common context. While eating, one corner of the mouth is raised in an internal disturbance – how is it possible?!


A meal of the size and shape of brick, lightly orange, dusted with a powder of a distinct flavor. The surface is slightly crisp in contact with the spoon, underneath is a rather thick matter of the same substance. Right after the mouthful, strong flavors immediately evolve; but to your big surprise, after a few seconds the meal reacts with internal body heat and annihilates itself immediately, leaving no trace of ever having been in your mouth.

5-course menu for Saša written by Tom

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