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Václav Kopecký

I – The word ‘photography’ In 1833, artist and inventor Hercule Florence wrote the term Photographiein his scientific diary, after achieving […]

Daniel Vlček

“To describe externals, you become a scientist. To describe experience, you become an artist. The old distinction between artists and […]

Julie Béna & Romana Drdová

There is a good feminist and there is a bad feminist. Good feminism says: sex and sexual expression, especially heteronormative sexual […]

Jimena Mendoza & Aleksandra Vajd

Jimena describes her idea, Saša paraphrases it by moving a shard on photo paper. Saša cuts clay for the new object, […]

Aleksandra Vajd & Jimena Mendoza

For several years, Lucie Drdova Gallery has been active in the art capital of Brussels; in September, we will introduce […]

Pavla Sceranková

Julien Creuzet

How to talk about history and memory if you have to invent your own culture? How to describe the complex […]

Sebastian Stumpf

Když někdo říká „já“, ve skutečnosti tím myslí „my“. – Tiqqun, Úvod do občanské války Kdysi jsem četla o principu neklidu, […]

Monika Žáková

“It’s growing. It’s growing vertically and horizontally. It’s growing and grooving. It’s grooving vertically and horizontally. It’s growing by grooving. […]

Jan Nálevka

Guided Tour Written down by Jiří Ptáček Curator: Good morning and welcome to the guided tour of an empty gallery. I’m […]